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Helping leaders develop strategies, systems and people to drive sustainable growth

I'm Callum Ingram

I started Embed in 2020, just as Covid changed the world's economy overnight. I didn't predict how long that impact would last, and even now my business is dealing with the fallout.Running an organisation is complex, especially when you are operationally involved day-to-day.Taking a step back and gaining an external perspective is vital.In the first instance, that's what Embed offers any new client. Fresh eyes, insight and clarity in your strategy and planning.

Three ways Embed can help

Strategy & Systems

Take time to step back and evaluate your purpose, processes and people before you move forward.

Attracting Talent

Building employer brands and recruitment systems will always be at the heart of Embed's offering.


Embed introduces professionals within our network for senior roles, advisory and NED appointments.

Hear what it's like to

Working with Embed

"Callum has an incredible business mind and sees things everyone else seems to miss. He's also a great person to talk to when you're feeling stuck, about anything."Ansal, Founder | Creative Insights

"Embed has been a catalyst for our recent growth. We have 5x the cleared candidates, our systems are now cloud based and streamlined and we are confident to scale our operations nationally."Josh, Managing Director | Qualiteach

"Working with Cal is a pleasure. He has exceptional knowledge of our market niche and has been able to find people who have been a great fit for us."Che, COO | Tech Startup

Thank you!

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